Cultivate CPD

“Feed your knowledge, raise your skills”.

Our courses and events focus on practical on-farm skills taught in a pragmatic, constructive and functional way for vets, farmers, and farm allied professionals. Cultivate CPD presents inspirational modern techniques for discussion to optimize future farm success and delivers problem solutions. Farm vets are perfectly placed to help steer the future of the farming.

Our vet-led solution understands that efficiency is key to both economics as well as sustainability, and with the continued pressure on carbon footprint of produce we should not shy away from this. Youngstock is key to the future of the herd and so there is plenty of scope to make improvements on farm whether dairy, suckler or calf rearer systems.

Having farmer training that is independent, stretching yet applicable is key. Focusing time on the sharing of ideas and networking during farmer events has been beneficial; for example, through producer panel discussions and benchmarking groups.

Led by Vets

Farm vets are perfectly placed to help steer the future of the farming. Our courses and events are designed and run by vets, all of whom are well respected within their field and have years of experience in running training or as speakers at industry events.

Kat Hart

BVSc CertAVP(Cattle) MRCVS

Youngstock has long been a passion for Kat, having fed many calves at her family dairy farm as a child. Bringing this practical aspect together with her interest in being evidence based, and ability for real on farm research is a strong mix. She believes in understanding and not underestimating the importance of farmer communication and motivation to get some of these projects and protocols off the ground. Kat now farms with her husband on an 80 acre mixed farm using regenerative farming principles with a firm belief that efficiencies are key for an economic, as well as environmentally successful, farming future.

Ed Bailey

BVSc CertAVP(Cattle) MRCVS

Ed holds a strong passion for all environmental matters, which has led to a wealth of knowledge about different farming systems where biodiversity and soil health are key. He is involved in many Soil association projects such as “Save our Antibiotics” and is part of Vets Sustain. Ed has achieved his CertAVP and is currently studying for the sheep certificate too, as this has become an increasing area of his work, particularly working towards an environmentally sustainable parasite control plan for farms. He also has many dairies and a beef unit he is involved with, both organic and conventional.

Alex Thomsett

BVetMed (Hons) DPM MRCVS

Alex has specialized in pig medicine for many years, gaining first the RCVS certificate and then Diploma in 2011 and 2016 respectively.  Alex has particular interests in gilt development, behaviour and vices and pathology and her role within the Pig Veterinary Society has given her a greater insight into veterinary medicines and their applications. Her love for education and mentoring was sparked by her involvement with stock keeper training as well as undergraduate and post graduate veterinary teaching.

The George Pig Practice is involved in delivering pig medicine teaching to undergraduate veterinary students at Bristol, Surrey and Harper Keele universities and Alex is one of the vets in the team responsible for delivering this teaching. 

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