Sustainable farming for the future

Designed for: VETS

Date: Weds 13th July 2022

Time: 10am-4pm 

Location: - The Barn at Berkeley, GL13 9EW then Puddleditch Farm GL13 9EU

A one-day course which introduces the principles behind regenerative agriculture and conservation farming and how as vets we can help with specific regards to herd health planning, antibiotic use and anthelmintic choices. We consider the importance of getting your hands in the soil, how to assess soil and what to look for, including worm counts and hunting down some dung beetles. We discuss the importance of grazing, how to make the most from carbon sequestration as well as plate meter use and grazing techniques.

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Thoracic Ultrasound training, and calf housing assessments

Designed for: VETS

Date: Wednesday 5th October 2022

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: The Gables, GL12 8DJ and then after at New House Farm, GL12 8LJ  

Calf pneumonia is often a problem on farms and, due to its multifactorial causes, it can be difficult to control.  Understanding more of the anatomy and getting some hints on on doing quick on farm Post Mortems can provide some useful information. Scanning the lungs, to see if there are signs of damage and/or abscess, can be a great way to educate and motivate the farmer, as well as a way of monitoring progress after changes have been put in place. This one-day course also covers housing, a limiting factor in pneumonia control, with a practical housing  assessment included on the day on farm.

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How to engage with beef work

Designed for: VETS

Date: TBC 2023

Time: 10am-4pm

Location: TBC

A one-day course getting to grips with Beef Herd Health Planning and addressing real life scenarios of how you can help when things go wrong. We offer hands-on investigation into beef farm data and tips on where to start. The afternoon offers on-farm practical learning of how and when to carry out pre-breeding checks and pelvic measuring.

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Youngstock Success (a two-day course)


Date: 2 days TBC 2023

Time: Starts at 10.30am on day one, finishing at 4pm on day two

Location: Hatherley Manor Hotel and Spa, Down Hatherley Ln, Gloucester GL2 9QA

A two-day residential course designed to cover many aspects of youngstock care, focusing on dairy replacements but incorporating all areas of calf care. Our course leaders cover all aspects of youngstock success, taking the journey from the  moment the calf hits the floor to when it calves in as a heifer.  

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