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There is a massive range of veterinary CPD available. Cultivate CPD focuses on bringing to life new techniques with a clear vision on how you can use them when on farm with your own clients. Our veterinary CPD explores how to generate new income streams, giving you the wisdom and confidence to introduce additional services which will benefit your clients’ businesses and continue to build trust and confidence in your working relationship.

Covid has taught us much about our lives, and the importance of a face-to-face approach and ability to network within these development opportunities remains. However, being open to virtual online teaching to widen access to specific knowledge when needed is something we also offer. With a range of training opportunities for Vets including youngstock and sustainability, we continue to welcome feedback to improve and widen our services to meet your own learning requirements. Our firm belief that the application of new skills on the day of learning is invaluable underpins our offer and ensures that as Vets you leave our on-farm CPD both better equipped and full of confidence.

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